"We are not an online print shop, but experts in consultation-intensive commercial printing." This is how the Müller family from Stockstadt am Main describes their company. For this reason, they recently changed their company name: "drucken 123" became "Müllers Druckerei". This step was intended to underline the personal character and closeness to their customers. And the concept is working: While the company does not focus primarily on growth, it focuses all the more on stability and modernity.

Part of this concept was demonstrated by the move to the new building at the end of 2021. Since then, they have been producing much more flexibly on twice the space. "Finally, we have enough space to make full use of our possibilities with the existing team and our machinery," Anna Müller is pleased to say.
The Müller family knows only too well that such a move is not always easy. "We had to deal with a few problems during and after the move. So it was all the nicer that the installation and instruction by Horizon went smoothly," remembers Managing Director Markus Müller.
We are talking about the RD-4055DM rotary die-cutting machine. It replaced the classic platen three years ago because it was no longer up to date for today's jobs. The investment has paid off: thanks to their experience with the die-cutting machine, the Müller family was able to accept a large order from a toy manufacturer that other printers could only refuse. The shapes of the stickers seemed too complex. The Müller family had the die-cutting plates made and was able to shine with the result.
The good experience with Horizon presses, the partnership with technicians, and the intensive advice from area manager Thomas Heil. These were all good reasons for favouring the StitchLiner Mark III when deciding on a saddle stitcher. This was installed at the end of December 2021 and immediately put into operation. Just like the BQ-270V single-clamp perfect binder.
The sophisticated design of the machines allows them to be operated by a single person. With regard to the shortage of skilled workers - which the Müllers are also well aware of - Horizon's Touch&Work technology comes in handy. "We particularly like the simple operating concept of the machines. Everything is logically structured and visually clear. The learning curve is correspondingly low. This makes it very easy for beginners to produce excellent products," says Anna Müller.
In future, the Müller family will continue to focus on providing intensive advice to their customers. They thus meet the demand for complex print products that set their discerning customers apart from the crowd. As a result, they believe they are ideally positioned for the future.


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