Songwon Industrial Co., Ltd. announced today that it is implementing a price increase and adding a freight surcharge on its Polymer Stabilizers and Coatings products in response to the impacts on costs and lead times caused by the current global logistics situation.

Sun Chemical today announced the launch of SunLit® ProPace, the latest generation of vegetable oil based sheetfed process printing inks designed specifically for helping printers increase productivity in commercial publication and non-food packaging printing.

Featuring excellent stability, fast setting, low misting, and low tack, SunLit ProPace is designed to run on a wide array of substrates including problematic paper and board. It is suitable for both high speed perfecting and straight presses running multiple shift patters, up to twenty-four hours.

Vahle Print & Service GmbH is a specialist for mailings in UV web offset printing. In order to make its production processes even more efficient, conserve resources and offer its customers the best possible quality, the Westphalian company has extensively modernized its printing line: All continuous printing machines were replaced and optimized with register control and video inspection systems by BST GmbH - from the BST AR 4400 Register Control System to the modularly expandable BST PROView and the high-end iPQ-View Video Web Monitoring Systems.

ABB is committed to providing service with professionals close to customer operations, while simultaneously improving project outcomes with regional approaches
The European Regional Execution Center has been providing high-quality project results for automation and ABB Quality Control Systems business across Europe for 10 years

Valmet introduces a redesigned Valmet Rotating Consistency Measurement (Valmet Rotary) for pulp and paper producers. With the latest technology, a new user interface and easier maintenance, the transmitter continues to offer highly accurate fiber consistency measurement for critical applications.

Printers in Europe have many different options for sourcing the offset printing plates they need to maintain reliable, high-quality print production. Recent supply chain issues and geopolitical developments, along with the increasing focus on sustainability, have created challenges for printers seeking a reliable supply of plates from suppliers focused on minimizing their carbon footprint. In light of these challenges, KODAK SONORA XTRA Process Free Plates, manufactured at Kodak’s Osterode facility in the heart of Germany are a smart choice for any printer.

The persistent global economic downturn is proving to be much tougher than anticipated with depressed markets, geopolitical instability and weak economic growth combining to put significant pressure on Sappi, particularly in Europe.

Sun Chemical announces the launch of its new groundbreaking ‘Pace’ technology platform for sheetfed offset inks. SunPak FSP, Sun Chemical’s flagship sheetfed offset low migration ink for food packaging, will be the first ink to transition to the new technology with the launch of SunPak FSP EcoPace. The inks are designed to support optimal productivity on high-speed modern printing machines and have strong sustainability credentials.

DISCOVERY PQExpress is a cutting-edge print quality inspection system from Lake Image Systems. Offering competitive pricing and seamless implementation, DISCOVERY PQExpress empowers printers to monitor every inch of a continuous web with unrivaled efficiency.

LumeDEL LLC introduces the NewDEL™ Model X3312 Fiber-coupled LED source that employs a unique phosphor-coated UV-LED to emit a broad spectrum, 330 nm -1100 nm, for applications in spectroscopy as a replacement for halogen lamps. If the UV peak is not needed or deemed intrusive, it can be blocked by a long pass filter that only passes VIS-NIR light, thus providing a continuous and balanced spectrum without peaks.

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