Climate crisis is one of the most immediate global concerns. Companies worldwide are realising their crucial role in achieving social and environmental goals, particularly in combating climate change. As part of Konica Minolta’s sustainability strategy the company pursuits the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) [1] and participate in the 50 Climate Leaders.

Getting ahead with a folding carton suite

There are two ways in which a digital carton printing machine can complement your business. Either you have already been confronted with new orders demanding more flexibility by smaller lot size and a faster response: then a digital suite is your answer right there. But even when your business consists for the most part of offset jobs today, a digital suite could open new doors: you get to show your customers new possibilities, improve your relationship with them and attract new ones too.

As part of its continual pursuit for highly automated, seamless book production, PrintOnDemand-Worldwide (PODWW) has gone live with a SCREEN Truepress Jet520HD press — the world’s first inkjet printer using specially developed SC inks to print on standard litho coated paper without priming or coating treatment.

A typical problem when processing digital prints or other delicate material is the cracking of the toner layer along the fold line, which has a negative effect on the quality. Creasing along the fold line can considerably reduce or even avoid this phenomenon. For these applications MB Bäuerle has developed the creasing system WF-D2H high pile. With the creasing technology used in this system, the material is gently compressed, because the excessive stretching of the paper fibres is avoided. This principle prevents cracking of the printing ink or tearing of the paper, thus ensuring optimal after-print processing.

Applying a crease to eliminate digital fibre cracking is taking on a whole new meaning according to Graham Harris, Managing Director of Tech-ni-Fold and inventor of the Tri-Creaser. Due to the increased numbers of recycled paper coming through the supply chain, flaking and slight cracking can randomly occur on the inside of the creased product, often identified by a white broken line visible each side of the crease bead.

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