Exhibit of 400-megapixel works achieved by high-resolution printing of 100-megapixel photographs

Komori Corporation (Sumida-ku, Tokyo; President and CEO: Satoshi Mochida) is pleased to announce that, as a collaboration project with the Tokyo Camera Club, Komori will print two photographers’ works on the Impremia NS40 40-inch Sheetfed Nanographic Printing® System and exhibit them in the Tokyo Camera Club 2022 Photo Exhibition to be held this September.
In this project, Komori will exhibit ultra-large works printed on our latest digital machine, the Impremia NS40. The works are colorful landscapes taken with a 100-megapixel digital camera by Tokyo Camera Club photographers Misaki Nagao and Yoshikazu Sobukawa.
The Impremia NS40 is capable of printing 100-megapixel photographs on B1 sheets while maintaining a high resolution of 300 PPI. In addition to output on B1 sheets, we will show for the first time dynamic work in a size equivalent to two B0 sheets by combining four B1 sheets. We invite you to closely experience the beauty of these powerful, intricately detailed reproductions that are rarely seen in everyday life.

●Outline of Exhibition
Tokyo Camera Club 2022 Photo Exhibition
Date: September 16 (Friday) – September 19 (Monday), 11:00 – 20:00 (doors are scheduled to close at 19:30 on the first day)
Venue: Shibuya Hikarie 9F [Hikarie Hall, Hall A], Tokyo


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