Applying a crease to eliminate digital fibre cracking is taking on a whole new meaning according to Graham Harris, Managing Director of Tech-ni-Fold and inventor of the Tri-Creaser. Due to the increased numbers of recycled paper coming through the supply chain, flaking and slight cracking can randomly occur on the inside of the creased product, often identified by a white broken line visible each side of the crease bead.

Harris stated that regardless of what type of creasing solution is used by print companies that the problem is widely spread, and not confined to one method, he explained,-
"Our research shows us that print companies accept that certain materials are much more brittle than they used to be, and that the slight imperfections of the inside crease result is something that just happens regardless of what creasing technology is used. We saw an opportunity to try and change the outcome, and to cut a long story short, actually produced a simple solution to highly reduce, and in some cases, eliminate the defect. Our Tri-Creaser Advance works the inside of the crease in parallel with the outside, and simply fits onto our customers folding machines."


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