Die-cutting and embossing short and medium runs - especially from digital printing - has been an economic challenge until now. Horizon was not satisfied with this and introduced the RD-4055 in 2014. A compact rotary die-cutter for the 40x55cm sheet format. In 2017, this machine was equipped with a standard double magnetic cylinder and given the designation RD-4055DM. The year is 2022 and this proven system is now undergoing an important update with the new RD-N4055DM.

Business cards with rounded corners, playing cards and packaging. These are frequently requested applications. In principle, the predecessor model was already capable of processing these products. With the new CSD-40RD card delivery, handling is now significantly simplified. The delivery allows a preset number of products to be stacked. Up to five products can be stacked next to each other, depending on the format. Subsequent packing is thus child's play.
In order to cope with the smallest format - 50x80mm in landscape or portrait format - and to ensure safe running, the SPC-N4055 separating unit has also been revised. It now works with a suction conveyor belt that transports the blanks safely to the delivery. As with the predecessor model, punching grids are automatically diverted here and holes are blown out mechanically or with compressed air.
With the optional barcode reader, it is now also possible to easily separate the jobs. These are separated accordingly in the delivery and can be easily assigned. For maximum quality, a sheet infeed control is also available. This uses a sensor to check whether the sheet is properly aligned along the infeed guide and stops the press if this is not the case. For the onward transport of the die-cut products, the number of transport belts has been increased to 20, which means that 36 instead of 30 blanks can now be processed.
A lot has also been done in the delivery area. In addition to the delivery belt known from the predecessor, there is now also the aforementioned card delivery, a flat pile delivery and a delivery table. These offer more flexibility for different types of jobs. For example, die-cut sheets can be collected in the delivery table while the operator performs other tasks.
The new system improves on the previous model in many areas. At the same time, however, Horizon always places emphasis on working as resource-efficiently as possible. For this reason, owners of an RD-4055DM can be happy about the fact that the new CSD-40RD card display is downward compatible. The only prerequisite for use with older models is the SPC-N4055 separator unit, which is also new.
The new RD-N4055DM is available immediately.


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