On September 2, 2019, training also began at Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte and its subsidiary Klingenberg Berlin in the professions of media technologist for printing, media technologist for finishing and industrial clerk. The fact that Druckhaus Berlin-Mitte, also known as Umweltdruckerei.Berlin, is not only a pioneer in the field of environmental protection, but also thinks of the next generation when it comes to sustainability, is shown by the constant involvement of trainees.

The newly received trainees were able to gain their first public impressions at the "Long Print Media Night" on September 6. For the visitors of the Long Night, the trainees repeated the manhole cover printing of the 2019 annual calendar.
Other exciting activities such as the award-winning annual calendar for 2019, the hiring of four trainees this year and the filling of important positions such as environmental management with young managers underscore the printing company's young talent concept. Thanks to the much acclaimed innovative 360o campaign "Your first day", potential trainees were reached on all media.