A new inkjet module from graphic arts reseller and software developer PrintsPaul supports flexographic printing, converting and finishing machines as well as digital printing systems from numerous manufacturers including Brotech, Hewlett-Packard and Konica Minolta.

The special feature of the new inkjet module is that its compact design allows it to be integrated into almost any flexographic printing, converting and finishing machine as well as other digital printing systems. It thus adds the possibility of digital finishing or personalization to largely analog systems. Various varnishes or inks based on UV drying are processed. There are hardly any limits to creativity, as the finishing or coating can always be applied differently from one label to another. This gives each printed product an individual character. By applying a more intense coating, for example, it is possible to create 3-D-like haptic effects that give the label or packaging a very special appearance.
The Module in Detail
As standard, the inkjet module is equipped for printing varnish for finishing high-quality labels and packa•ging. Optional separate modules are available for printing black or white. It is thus possible to personalize or pre-print white on a transparent sheet. This effect is often required especially when producing sleeves for the cosmetics or beverage industry.
Printing with Varnish (Standard)
By using transparent inkjet ink, different finishes can be achieved on the pre-printed sheet. Be it a simple gloss point to show off an area in the printed image to best advantage, or the reproduction of structures by applying a high amount of varnish. There is also the option of using this coating as a carrier for metallic cold foil for cost-effective and effective enhancement - or even applying silver foil in advance of a four-color print to create impressive metallic effects.
Printing with White (Option)
Printing with white UV ink is a very special application. This allows transparent media to be backed with white before the sheet is printed with a printing system that is not suitable for white printing. This creates a decisive added value and is extremely flexible when it comes to designing stickers and labels.
Printing with Black (Option)
The classic of all applications is printing black on pre-printed labels or on a plain white sheet. This makes it possible to personalize labels inexpensively and easily. It does not matter whether the individualised data is images, barcodes or simple text lines. This enables completely new areas of application and markets to be opened up.
The Applications
Finishing or personalization of pre-printed sheets, directly during converting and further processing.
Preprinting of white on transparent media, for digital printing machines that do not support the printing of white.
The Substrates
Basically, all media that can be processed in the machine can be used, which inkjet modules serve as a basis. The only requirement is that the medium can be printed with UV inks. This means that a wide range of print media is available.


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