Anytime & independently: Checking the quality of UV aggregates with UV-Analyzer

With the UV-Analyzer, an app-based measuring device, users can independently check the quality of their UV units at any time. The app can be downloaded free of charge. The starter kit includes the UV Analyzer Stick with reference white, charging cable, lanyard and measuring strips and is distributed by UV specialist and manufacturer IST METZ.
The UV Analyzer is suitable for any application where UV dose is of interest and is not accessible with conventional measuring devices. The app displays dose measurements in relation to the type of UV unit and spectrum, which works for both UV and LED. The UV Analyzer also takes into account that UV measuring strips do not have uniform sensitivity across the entire UV range. The reference curves with reference to aggregate type and spectrum take this aspect into account and enable precise measured value assignment. In addition, each stick is referenced to a standard. These measures ensure high measurement quality.
UV control made easy
The measurement is simple: Stick the measuring strip on the substrate and irradiate it with UV. Depending on the irradiation dose, the measuring strip turns dark blue. Pair the stick with the app via Bluetooth and measure within 15 minutes. To do this, users select the appropriate unit in the app and can enter additional measurement parameters, such as unit number, operating hours, speed and distance to the substrate. The app displays the measured UV dose in "mJ/cm". This dose value can be compared with the reference value. Reference values for the UV analyser are determined directly by you on site when new. The measured values can then be exported from the app for quality assurance and documentation.


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