Design'N'Buy has been at the forefront of the web-to-print industry by constantly innovating and improving their technology. Their research and development team is dedicated to understanding their clients' needs and creating the most effective solutions to meet those needs. This has enabled them to remain one of the industry leaders and has helped them to stay ahead of the competition.

The brand-new version of DesignO V1.4 has been released with a range of innovative upgrades, making it the latest and most advanced software on the market. This upgrade is like a phoenix rising from the ashes, taking the software to a new level with ground breaking features and capabilities.
To begin, let's look at what DesignO is and what upgrades the company has brought to the table.
It is a plug-and-play web-to-print application that includes a mobile responsive design tool for personalization and a comprehensive web2print admin panel for the back office. DesignO can be integrated with print service providers' existing ensembles of software and systems without causing disruption to their IT infrastructure.
With its API-based architecture, DesignO is a pure plug-and-play web-to-print solution that integrates with any back-end and front-end provider for full automation from order to delivery. We can conclude that DesignO is a comprehensive and reliable web-to-print solution that offers quick and effortless setup and integration.
All-new features, changes, and bug fixes are included in this latest release of DesignO V1.4. This release includes upgraded tools for streamlining job creation, like built-in job board that makes it easier to find and assign tasks. Additionally, the order management system has been updated to provide printers with more options for customizing ordered artwork and tracking progress. As a result, users will benefit from improved time and resource management, while delivering superior results and customer satisfaction.
A quick summary of the few updates is provided below:
• Packaging 3D Preview made more effective with Zoom In-Out Capability: The addition of the zoom in and out feature, users can have a more accurate understanding of what their design looks like in real time.
• Visualize Merchandise Products in Real Time: This feature allows administrators to upload a PNG file to serve as a preview background for merchandise products. Users may visualize their customized products by clicking on the "visualize preview" button, which gives them a feeling of how the final product will appear.
• Job & Workflow Management made more efficient and simpler: The job module contains many features such as admins and authorised users can view job status from the job calendars. In addition, admin users can use the messaging system within the job module to instantly communicate with other users as well as with customers. Admins can turn off/on any job status before creating a new one. It will save time and resources by only initiating the pre-press processes necessary for that specific job. Admins can also decide who can view the start and end dates of the job, increasing privacy.
• Stay Connected with Your Clients in the Most Efficient Way: In the new update, admins can now edit the artwork that customers send for printing directly from the admin panel. Administrators can also send clients personalised emails, making it easier to communicate with them. A comprehensive view of customer details can be accessed by admins on the order management panel, along with a 360° overview of their entire customer base.
The constant innovation at Design'N'Buy will ensure that you remain competitive, while handling your printing operations in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Moreover, you can rely on Design'N'Buy to stay ahead of the curve in an ever-changing industry.


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