Automation taken a step further! BOWE SYSTEC’s new, intelligent system for automatic filling of postal trays adds a further impressive feature to the company’s high-performance inserting systems. Included as standard with all Fusion Speed models and optionally available for other inserting systems, BOXIT takes envelopes filled by the inserter and automatically deposits them in the provided postal tray.

The inserting systems of the BOWE SYSTEC Fusion Series are currently regarded as the state-of-the-art. As genuine all-rounders, they cover almost the full spectrum of mailroom applications and leave nothing to be desired when it comes to formats, efficiency, flexibility, and system availability. The Fusion Lite, Fusion Cross, and Fusion Speed inserters process both transactional mail and personalized direct mail with the highest degree of precision and stability, are outstanding in their performance, and handle both small and large batches with ease. All Fusion Series systems owe their capabilities to their unique Flow-Principle inserting technology, which reduces the actual filling speed by a factor of 4.5 to allow for more time during the inserting process. And, in the end, achieves higher output in spite of this.
In addition to digital connectivity in the sense of Industry 4.0, today’s transaction and direct mail service providers need significantly more automation to be able to compete and provide their services profitably in the long term. The Fusion Series integrates numerous features for automating work steps that have been carried out manually until now – from high-performance infeed channels in flexible configurations for the most diverse assembling, folding or stitching applications through modules for variable color envelope printing to sorting functions that expand the systems’ capabilities. The new postal tray system now added to this list by BOWE SYSTEC further reduces the need for staff.
The latest automation feature is the BOXIT automatic postal tray system, which is included with every purchase of a Fusion Speed high-performance inserting system at no extra cost. The smart postal tray system is optionally available for other systems in both the Fusion and the 9G Series.
The BOXIT postal tray system is extremely efficient and a must in order to unlock and harness Fusion Speed’s enormous speed and high output. What’s more, with BOXIT, Fusion Speed can be operated by a single person, making it more effective and more attractive to work on the world’s fastest inserting system. Its minimalist design, which focuses on the essentials, doesn’t waste anything even from a cost perspective, so that the system can be offered at about half the price of comparable products.
In combination with Fusion Speed, BOXIT represents the fastest mail filling system in the market with a top speed of 30,000 insertions per hour (DL and C5, #10 and 6 x 9) – around 12,000 cycles better than competing systems for C5 format. In other words, one postal tray is filled every 30 to 40 seconds. The smart buffering feature during envelope stacking means the machine can continue to run at full speed while a full postal tray is automatically replaced. And if even more automation is called for, BOWE SYSTEC has further automation options such as conveyor systems for automatic onward transport or integral robots to pick up the trays.
Joachim Koschier, Managing Director of the BOWE GROUP, emphasized in a conversation that his goal is to give customers a competitive advantage while at the same time reducing the workload for operators. With such high net output and this unprecedented level of automation, all the basic conditions should be in place to meet this resolution.


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